Why can I not move forward in life?

woman with hand outstretched into the sunlight

How many times in life have you passed up opportunities because of the fear you may fail? Are you uncomfortable accepting you deserve to be successful? Do you feel worthy of having more in life? Do you place others before yourself no matter the outcome?

We live our lives based on our personal experiences. Unfortunately not every moment is filled with love, joy and happiness. Every individual has lived through some kind of unpleasant and or traumatic experience.

These experiences teach us how we respond to life. We make decisions based on what we know. If we lived a life feeling loved, safe and protected, our life decisions will be made with confidence and excitement. However, a life full of fear, feelings of insecurity, worthlessness and worry will create decisions based on these negative feelings. Life does not keep us from what we want. We are in our own way of living the life we want.


head shot of Katherine Wolff

I was always aware of my uniqueness, but like so many, I denied my gifts. One day I hit my all time low. Miserable and feeling defeated, I begged for something better. At that moment, through my tears, a deep voice sternly said go to massage school. So, I did. This is where I started the journey of connecting to my true self.

During My massage career, I met my mentor/teacher who helped me develop and refine my skills as an intuitive clairsentient. Over a decade of training, education and experience, I developed a carefully orchestrated blend of techniques to best address what you need most at the time of your appointment. Your body, mind and spirit are in a constant state of change. Therefore, each session caters to where you are in that moment. 

Please understand, I do not guarantee every session is a complete and miraculous healing. Every person is layered with a lifetime of experiences that created who you are today. Together we peel away the layers that no longer serve you. Remember it has taken time to make you the person you are today. It will take time and perseverance to change and heal.