Discover your Inner Truth


Move Out of Your Way


Discover your Inner Truth

Are you ready to let go feelings of anger, guilt, resentment, disappointment about yourself and the belief of being trapped, unappreciated, unloved, used, abused and not being good enough?

Are these feelings and beliefs keeping you stuck in your personal life or career? 


Each gathering will tackle issues we struggle within ourselves and with others that hold us back from expressing and living our inner truth of peace and happiness 

This group allows individuals to explore and learn who they are and why through understanding and personal exploration, in a raw and real, safe, supportive, judgement free zone. 

Every individual will come away with new perspectives, deeper knowing, personal healing, tools and techniques to use in their daily living.

At the end of every gathering there will be a 20-30 minute sound healing and meditation to additionally support the healing process.

Cost $22


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Only 10 spaces available. Please book in advance.